Content Strategy Tip #2: What You Should Know About SEM

SEM is building, maintaining and optimizing search advertising campaigns with pay-per-click vendors such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search, MSN and Facebook.

SEM engagements for me typically involve the following deliverables:

Campaign Build & Management

    • Keyword Strategy | The set of keywords and phrases used in your campaign, organized in ad groups
    • AdCopy | Ad copy for each ad group (in multiples if A/B testing)
    • Landing Pages | Unique landing page design and messaging for each ad group
    • Campaign Build | Uploading structured campaign to search vendors
    • Maintain | Manage bidding and budget, expand/edit keywords and adgroups, manage against cost per acquisition (CPA) goals

Campaign Optimize

    • Test-learn | Introduce new ad copy, test multiple landing pages, target new segments and optimize for improved conversion.

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