Just Veem It!

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I’d like to tell you about a client of mine, Veem. Veem is a global payments solution that helps small to medium-sized global businesses send and receive payments around the world. Who knew that would be so interesting? But it is. Here’s what I’m finding so interesting about this engagement:

  1. I’m learning about yet another revolutionary technology

My specialty is in marketing technology. Global payments technology is new to me and it really is fascinating. Veem is based partly on blockchain technology, which is truly revolutionizing financial systems on a global scale. Here are a few of the articles I’ve had the opportunity to write for Veem on this revolutionary technology:

  1. Globalization is a key theme for Veem

Because Veem customers are US importers and exporters, current administration policies—particularly with regard to trade—are relevant. Here are a few of the topical articles I’ve had the opportunity to write for Veem:

  1. I’m writing about small business

I’ve been focused on enterprise B2B most of my career. It’s a fun change to take a look at the SMB market. Here are a few SMB-focused articles I’ve enjoyed writing for Veem: