I help startups and small to medium businesses across a variety of categories to position brands, acquire customers and optimize online marketing investments. Below is a little more about my approach.

The Goal of Positioning

The end game of a positioning exercise is to develop an optimal position for the company as defined by the degree to which it best reflects the company, the brand, its value and relevance to the audience.

What Positioning Defines
The brand position is articulated by:

        • A unique selling proposition- A statement describing the uniqueness of the brand in relation to its relevance to the customer and answers the question: What value does the brand bring to the marketplace?
        • A tagline – A sentence, phrase or word summarizing the market position
        • An elevator pitch – The distillation of the brand promise into the simplest terms

The Positioning Process
The positioning process has five components:

    • stakeholder input
    • audience targeting
    • market analysis
    • building brand attributes
    • strategic mapping

I positioning engagement with me typically includes the following deliverables:

  • market analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • audience targeting
  • core brand attributes
  • a differentiated value proposition
  • a messaging framework

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