Content Strategy Tip #1: What You Should Know About SEO

imgres-11. Natural search traffic conversion rates are often 3-4x that of paid search, or SEM.

2. Natural search optimization involves a number of tactics including:

  • Listing your site in directories like Yahoo! and DMOZ
  • Updating your site regularly with keyword-driven content
  • Building intra-site links
  • Building offsite links
  • Adding search-friendly HTML code to each page, ie: meta keywords and meta descriptions
  • Bringing traffic to your site through newsletters, advertising, PR, word of mouth, viral/buzz marketing, etc.

What I Can Do for You
Typical SEO engagements for me include creating or optimizing an existing vehicle for frequently updated content such as a newsletter of blog. Deliverables include:


  • Content Survey | A look at your current content and keyword usage
  • Keyword Survey | A survey of industry keyword usage
  • Competitive Survey | A survey of your immediate competitors, their traffic volume, top keywords and inbound links
  • Keyword Strategy | a set of keywords around which to build your content


  • Editorial Calendar | A calendar for publishing content
  • Content Publishing | One to eight pages of optimized content per month
  • Newsletter publishing | Emailing of content to database


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