Social Media Marketing Best Practice: Add Value

add_valueWhat I like about marketing through social media is that it forces marketers to remember their marketing fundamentals. Find a gap and fill it. Add value.

In 75 years of broadcast media, the function of the marketer has moved away from adding value and toward 1.) making an impression with brand marketing, and/or 2.) moving inventory with direct marketing. Even product marketers, tasked with guiding product evolution are often wholly removed from the market, spending most of their time with development time lines instead of customers.

In all of the examples above, the mission of the marketer revolves around the product. In the social media marketplace, the mission of the marketer revolves around the market. Social media marketing forces us to ask ourselves, how can I add value to the marketplace? How can I connect my customer base so that it becomes its own customer support network? What complaints do my customers have, why do they have them and how can I fix their problems? What product features does the marketplace wish I offered? In pursuit of the answers to these questions, marketers add value to the marketplace.

Len Kendall says it nicely here in Marketing Profs Daily Fix. The bottom of the article gives a few dos and don’ts about social media marketing which first and foremost revolve around adding value.

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