The Zen Internet


  • The very transitoriness of the Internet is a sign of its perfection
  • To the mind which lets go and moves with the flow of change, transience becomes ecstasy
  • Rebirth from moment to moment reincarnates the value afresh each moment
  • To hold the Internet is to loose it
  • The Internet is miraculously natural without trying to be so
  • The pleasant and the painful are inseparable
  • To learn is to survive to become ignorant
  • The Internet essence is immediate and instantaneous
  • The ultimate reality of the Internet cannot become the object of knowledge
  • Living in the Internet is a constant awareness of watching
  • An awakening to the startlingly obvious may occur at any moment
  • Rigid control shuts out the experience of learning
  • Ends are achieved neither through repression nor indulgence
  • Regarding each new manifestation as our home puts us at home in each new manifestation
  • The Internet unfolds as we walk upon it


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