Cloud Marketing – Bring it On!

cloud_marketing1I’ve long been interested in ideas about the future workplace and how it will one day look dramatically different than what we’ve known. Those of us making a living in digital services and technologies may already be experiencing it. Our work teams can easily be made up of half employees, half contractors and consultants and nearly always include at least one party who we’ve only met on conference calls because he lives in Idaho.

Having made my living as a freelancing contractor for the better part (and the worst part) of the past four years, I can only attest to its many, many benefits for both the employer and the employed alike and express a fervent hope that it truly becomes more common. It saves time, energy and money (no transportation costs! no commute!) and in my experience, contributes to a more agile marketing practice and helps companies stay nimble.

The Economist says freelance and contract work is on the rise. Whether the new pool of freelancers is simply fed up with seeking full-time employment in today’s economy, or wants to move toward the more flexible (albeit less secure) lifestyle that freelancing affords is unclear. What is clear, is that many of those who do take the leap into independence are experiencing higher quality of life, increased productivity, and even more lucrative professional lives.

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