Getting Value from Social Media: It Takes a Mindshift

social_media_mindshiftA great point in this latest post on building community from Twist Image is that building value through social media requires more of a mind-shift than anything else.

Organizational culture is often the biggest roadblock to getting leverage out of any new media or technology. Fiefdoms exist, silos exist. Although many companies claim to be strongly “matrixed” organizations, there is still sorrowfully little sense of community in our own diverse workplace—how can we expect to build communities across the incredibly enormous and disparate world of blogging and social networking online?

A mind-shift is precisely what’s required. Twist Image rightly points out that old school marketing meant buying attention. New school, including social media marketing, means earning it. For many companies, that requires not only a mind-shift, but a meaningful shift in corporate culture.

Earning attention in the marketplace today means asking what it needs and serving it up. Blogs and social communities online are a constantly refreshed databank of customer needs, wants, feedback and sentiment. With a service-oriented mindset, progressive companies can make a very good business out of serving those stated needs, delivering real value that the market truly wants.

THE best practice in social media marketing is to add value. Approach engaging the market through social media from a thoroughly customer-centric mindset and you will never be disappointed with the return.

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