The Future of Digital Marketing

future_digital_marketingNotes from a great panel discussion from Twist Image on the future of digital marketing. Featuring Charlene Li, author of Groundswell – Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, and Seth Godin among others.

  • Interruption marketing is over.
  • Ubiquitous brand building is over.
  • Marketers need to stop clinging to building brand value and return to the basic marketing function: find a need and fill it.
  • Television was designed after radio – as a mechanism for building large-scale national brands. The Internet was not.
  • The translation of value into wealth online is elusive.
  • Marketers may not know what the Internet is, but they need to be of it, by it and for it.
  • The confused, organic structure of the Internet should be embraced, not feared. If corporate governance is too hard to change, the entity will die. Culture matters.


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