The Irony of Social Media


What a week it’s been for our little blue friend. Everywhere I look, all my favorite sites and blogs are bashing the poor creature. Admittedly, I’ve done a bit of Twitter bashing myself (although I prefer to think of it as critical thought).Like what Mitch Joel has to say about the inherent “volume contradiction” in all social media. Once the volume of any given network (your Facebook friends or Twitter followers) gets to significant levels, the network is no longer “social”. (Check out what I had to say about that a few months ago in ‘Twas the Night Before Twitter Got Monetized.) What may have once been a set of one-to-one interactions by necessity becomes a series of one-to-many broadcasts.

And as a communications channel for would-be marketers, how is that any different from, say, display advertising – also a one-to-many broadcast model?

While marketers clamor to get their social media strategies in place, the irony of social media is that in order for it matter as a channel, it has to start looking like all the others.

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