Search Engine Marketing ROI: Real-World Examples

imgres-1If you haven’t put a critical eye to your search efforts, a little attention will go a long way. Unoptimized search traffic is often a marketer’s lowest hanging fruit. Here’s an example of the ROI from a recent in-market paid search campaign:

    • Keyword and benefits-driven ad copy was introduced and CTR increased 73%
    • CPC was increased to achieve better ad positioning and drive more qualified traffic
    • Keyword groups were expanded and campaigns more tightly consolidated and overall spend was reduced by 14.9%
    • Unique, keyword-driven landing pages and a tighter, more controlled registration flow were introduced and conversion rose by 54.5%
    • During the 3 month period, paid search cost per conversion decreased by 15.82%


Same thing goes for optimizing your website with a value-driven messaging framework that corresponds to your search campaign. Impressive results from a recent on-site ad campaign:

    • Dwell time increased by 40%
    • Registrations increased by 108.3%
    • Profile edits increased by 215%
    • Viral activity (invite a friend) increased by 318%

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