Twittering Mad Men

betty_draperI was thrilled to find a replacement for my dearly departed loved ones, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos in Mad Men, my new crush. I was a slow convert, but to steal a line from Peggy Olson, “It stays with you.”

Also entertaining has been the back and forth between AMC and Twitter over the Mad Men cast that showed up as personae on the Twitter messaging network. It appears AMC made a stink at first, but then starting drinking the social media Koolaide, in the end, applauding this kind of fan engagement.

It’s also been speculated that AMC is really behind the Twitter cast of Mad Men in the first place. Their Twitter profile pages do look suspiciously on-brand and well-packaged. It would surprise me if AMC were as social media un-savvy as the affair would lead us to believe. Getting upset by the fact that community engagement has a life of its own is so over.

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