Social Media Makes It To Salt Lake

salt_lakeI’ve always liked Salt Lake City-based Omniture as a company who does it right. When they morphed their tag line from something like “Web Analytics” to “Online Business Optimization,” I applauded their move to a broader definition of value. Like they thought they might actually be around for a while and would like to continue to grow their market and grow their capability set.

While many Internet marketing apps narrowly define themselves in an attempt to capture the coveted “owning of the category”, so they can capture the even more coveted “big dollars on acquisition”, Omniture always appealed to me as one of the lone long-haulers. In this day of ever collapsing cycles of birth, life and extinction in Life in a Web-based Application Service Provider, a business plan that thinks more than eighteen months into the future is a nice refreshment.

Short-term vision is increasingly standard practice to my observation and occurring in the most unexpected places. They say Hillary’s greatest miss-step was not having bothered to think past February 5th. Lately, I’ve been more and more delighted to come across an example of an engine that seems to be motoring along well and looks to have the stuff to keep at it for a while.

The first fiscal year after raising $50mm in an IPO, Omniture posted $8mm on nearly $80mm in revenue. Today, OMTR trades at roughly 4x the IPO price. They’ve added to their product suite intelligently, demonstrating a clear understanding of their customer and what their marketplace values.

Yet even with a more traditional business model that seems to value long-term sustained growth, they still impressively have a finger on the pulse of the Ever-Hungry-for-What’s-Next Internet Marketeer. Of course a broadly defined value proposition conveniently allows them to adopt all kinds of cutting edge angles for demonstrating the value of Omniture. The latest, of course is the social media angle, and true to form, Omniture has picked up on it deftly, claiming to help their customers to “better understand the synergies across their interactions with (customers), measure how (customers) engage with online content and social media such as blogs, videos, RSS feeds and more.”

And although we all know that the metrics and ROI around an investment in social media marketing are still a bit fuzzy, you can always count on Omniture to at least take a stab at it: “With the insight provided by Omniture, (our customers) are able to better ensure the right content is featured, increasing (customer) loyalty and optimizing their ad spend.”

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