Telephone Tell-a-blogger


Remember the game “Telephone”? You sit in a circle and one person whispers a phrase or sentence into the ear of the person next to her. That person repeats the message to the person next to him and so on. When the circle is complete, the originator speaks aloud his original message and the last receiver repeats what he heard. Uproarious laughter usually abounds (depending on how much beer is involved). What began as “faster than a heard of turtles” becomes “master of the nerdy girdles”.

The rumor mill is alive and well and operating at lightening speed online as Ford Motor Company found out today. It’s still a bit murky, but it looks as if Ford had an issue with the use of the Ford logo on the Black Mustang Club’s annual calendar and in no time rumors were flying across the BMC community that they were liable to be sued by Ford for taking pictures of the cars that they own.It looks like Ford, in fact, did “wake up and smell the CGM” and dialed right into the conversation with a spring in their step. With impressive responsiveness, Ford dispelled the unfounded rumors and made clear their policies of trademark protection. Whether founded or unfounded, Bravo to the BMC members for ranting online about their perception of Ford and double Bravo to Ford for listening.

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