Getting Value from Social Media: It Takes a Mindshift

A great point in this latest post on building community from Twist Image is that building value through social media requires more of a mind-shift than anything else. Organizational culture is often the biggest roadblock to getting leverage out of any new media or technology. Fiefdoms exist, silos exist. Although many companies claim to be … Continue reading Getting Value from Social Media: It Takes a Mindshift

A Brief History of Optimization

The practice of marketing optimization is founded upon a number of disciplines – some old, some new, and some emerging. Like marketing optimization, many of its foundation disciplines are sciences that have historically been developed to reduce risk while maximizing the chances for success. Whether ‘success’ is winning at cards, winning a war or maximizing … Continue reading A Brief History of Optimization

Web 3.0: Show Me the Money

Despite a sincere enthusiasm for all things Internet, Site can’t help but to have noticed a lot of over-valuation going on. Site applauds recent news from Silicon Valley that increasingly scrutinizing eyes are being put to Internet-based investments. Most notably, VCs now seem more interested in investing in companies projecting non-ad-based revenue models, citing that … Continue reading Web 3.0: Show Me the Money